BreakThrough Strength


BreakThrough Strength Workshop Level 1

Day 1 Course - $399.00 per person

  • 5 hour course
  • Demonstrations by Coach Chris "Hairculese" Rider to breakdown mental barriers and demystify the feats
  • Introduction to feats of strength
  • Open to able bodied adults of all strength levels - Everyone can experience BreakThroughs
  • Individual starting points are assessed and a progression plan is initiated, this is a journey of personal development and self discovery through feats of strength. We Break Through Strength to develop BreakThrough Strength.
  • Instruction and application in nail driving by hand
  • Instruction and application in tearing phonebooks
  • Instruction and application in bending steel bolts
  • All materials needed for the workshop are supplied
  • 10 person minimum attendance (international minimums may be higher)
  • 25 person maximum attendance
  • Waiver of liability and filming release required for participation
  • All sales are final, non refundable, non transferable entrance fee must be paid in advance - no walk ins
  • In the event of a venue cancellation an alternate date or refund shall be issued